Passiveness in Women

A couple weeks ago I was interviewed for a sexual culture study on campus, and many of the questions I was asked made me realize a lot about the women in society. I realized that women are too passive, especially when it comes to male aggressiveness in a sexual situation. I think many women are … More Passiveness in Women

Bruce Jenner

*I am using ‘he’ pronouns because that’s what was used and suggested in the interview* I am so happy after watching the Bruce Jenner interview, and I’m really hoping this will spark further support and awareness for the trans community. I’m just sorry for how it had to happen, Bruce was taunted for months about the … More Bruce Jenner

Today I was told by a creepy old man at a cash register that he hopes my daddy spanked me for cutting my hair short. What isn’t wrong with this interaction? First of all, who says that to somebody, let alone someone they don’t even know? Two, why is long hair a sign of femininity … More

Should Circumcision Be Considered Abuse?

Circumcision is the practice of cutting off the foreskin of a young boy or man, for religious and sometimes for aesthetic or medical purposes. Circumcision is widely practiced around the world, with one-third of males being circumcised by the time they’ve reached adulthood. On average, 1.2 million baby boys are circumcised in the United States … More Should Circumcision Be Considered Abuse?

Body Image

Women face a lot of scrutiny in the media concerning their body shape and size. Women’s bodies are often displayed in advertisements in a way that seems unachievable for most women, and their bodies are seen as objects to be had, but this isn’t only an issue for women, and I don’t think the issue of men and … More Body Image